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I first heard about You Got E-Juice from one of my favorite You Tubers. I had watched her 6 part series and thought "an affordable e-liquid that tastes that good, right". It wasn't until a year later when I attended the West Coast Vape Expo that I actually got to try it. I was shocked, it tasted amazing. I'm pretty picky when it comes to my E-Liquid, I have tried a lot of brands with a E-Liquid subscription box and no matter what I try You Got E-Juice still remains in my top 5 brands I have ever tried. Their Banana Cream is amazing! It tastes like the best banana cream pie filling you have ever had. The first flavor I bought from them was Blueberry Waffle. It's like fresh blueberries and the thickest fluffiest waffles combined. I can never tell enough people how much I adore YGEJ!

Kim Ohl - Deer Park, WA

My story with cigarettes is probably like everyone else's in some way or fashion. I just thank GOD my wife bought me my first vape pen to try and quit smoking. After I started vaping, I noticed that I was starting to go broke trying to support my new hobby and healthy alternative to smoking. I was a vaper with a snob's taste for the gourmet e-juices on a very limited budget. I even faced going back to smoking because I could at least afford to do that. I saw a review video by my girl Tia Vapes and she was just raving about this e-juice company called You Got E Juice. She marveled at the different flavors and then she announced the prices. I initially thought she was paid by the company because no way a juice line this affordable can taste this good as she was putting on. I told myself to just try some and call her bluff. Glad I did!! This juice line allowed me to not only continue vaping without spending my kid's college fund but to be an Ambassador for the company! If you are a flavor chaser with bills like the rest of us, do yourself a favor and try this line out. Friendly staff and awesome juice is always a winning combination. You can thank me later. Cheers!

Donnell Buckner - Rocky Mount, NC