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I quit smoking cigarettes and switched to vaping on 11/12/15. I love vaping and was deliriously happy with all of the flavors that were now available to me. I wasn't too thrilled with the prices though - $20 for a 30ml...OUCH! But I quit smoking for my HEALTH, so the steep prices on ejuice weren't going to deter me!

Less than two months into my vaping journey, I watched an ejuice review by Tiavapes on Youtube. She was reviewing You Got E-Juice and her reaction to Sugar Cookie (along with the insanely cheap prices!) prompted me to immediately place my very first order with You Got E-Juice. I admit I was skeptical. How could this juice be good AND so much cheaper than the all the others? I am so very thankful that I watched that review and that I took the chance on YGEJ because I quickly fell in love with the brand!

You Got Ejuice flavors are all on point! The juice is high quality and, in my opinion, just as good as - if not better than - the "Premium Juices" that are so outrageously priced. YGEJ is my go to brand. I cannot tell you my favorite flavor because I love so many of them - Lemon Cheesecake, Strawberry Custard, Frosted Donut, Blueberry Waffle and Caramel Custard are my top five at the moment!

Don't let the low prices fool you! Give You Got E-Juice a try - I bet you'll be glad you did. I know I am!

Kym Parrinello - Mastic, New York

You Got E-Juice has been a great experience for me. I really enjoy how friendly everyone is and helpful as well. YGEJ is a very professional business and the E-Juice is very affordable and on top of that very high quality which I am personally impressed with. YGEJ E-Juices keep me going and keep me wanting more and I absolutely love the juices that I have tried and can't wait to try all the other flavors. Personally, I recommend YGEJ to all my friends, family, and anyone that vapes. If you're looking for a cheaper alternative to cigarettes that is both affordable, great tasting, and the cloud production you need for your advanced vaping needs YGEJ is for you. They have never let me down, and they will not let you down. I promise you will not be sorry!

Mike Varner - Clinton, Arkansas