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June 07, 2017 3 Comments

By James Dunlap -

I was 9 years old when I first started to smoke traditional cigarettes.

I smoked for 31 years with many attempts to quit. All failed. I tried
everything. I tried the patch, the g, and the inhaler. I even tried
medications and hypnosis. Still no success. A little over a year ago I
bought my first box mod and tank. About a month after that, I quit
smoking traditional cigarettes.

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The variety of flavors and many options for delivery have allowed me
to explore a whole new world of options. Being able to mix flavors to
my specific tastes detoured me from being bored. I even have friends
now that I have turned on to vaping.

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Vaping changed my life. I started at 36mg nicotine and am now at 3mg.
My next step is zero. My health has improved and I have been able to
become more active.

I won't make medical claims because I am not a doctor but I am
grateful for vaping for many many different reasons.

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I am also a diabetic and have had to give up the sweet treats. Being
able to have flavors that mirror some of my favorite deserts has
helped me to beat the sweets. Since I started vaping, between becoming
more active and being able to control my sweet cravings I have also
lost over a hundred pounds. So when I say that vaping has changed my
life I really do mean it!


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Diann Bost
Diann Bost

June 21, 2017

Hi James, how are you? Your name appeared on my FB page as a friend of MICHELLE. I just read your post of June 7. Very interesting and informative. Are you still perusing your art? I have many good memories of you at GHS. I retired in ’04 and am well. God bless, James.


June 21, 2017

Yay! After 40 years of smoking, hope I can do it too.

Rachel Parker
Rachel Parker

June 21, 2017

Go James!!!!!!!! I agree with you all the way……Health is everything and vaping beats tobacco over and over again. You got ejuice has the best flavors and ejuice ever! People will understand, you don’t need a lot of nicotine to puff and vape…

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