The Story Behind Strawberry Custard - Jimmy Raymond CEO
June 26, 2020

The Story Behind Strawberry Custard - Jimmy Raymond CEO

Have you ever heard the story behind our Strawberry Custard? Well we thought you might be interested in knowing why this has been in our top 3 sellers Jimmy's favorite for years.
It was 2014 and I was about to be married to my my wife. We had already been in the Vape industry for almost 2 years. At the time we had a brand called Pimp Juice that consisted of 4 flavors. Each Flavor was named after a notorious Pimp from American History. 
We needed a flavor that knocked it out of the park. Conforte, Named after Joe Conforte. With the perfect profile to represent the man that started the famous "Mustang Ranch", we were on our way. Just needed a little stability testing before we started production.
So with Wedding and Honeymoon fast approaching, I decided to bottle a bunch to take with me. I remember all the troubles I had taking it on a plane with me because we didn't have any labels designed yet. Total trip was 10 days of vaping this amazing blend of 3 different Strawberries and 2 Custards all perfectly steeped.
I feel in Love.
It has been my ADV ever since 

Fast forward to June 1st, 2015, My Birthday. We wanted to create a brand that was,
1. Affordable for everyone.
2. Accessible to anyone in the United States that didn't have access to a Vape Shop.

So June 1st, 2015 You Got E-juice was born. We took all of our top flavors from the 3 lines we were producing at the time and had our original 11 flavors.

And that is how our Strawberry Custard became to be one of our top sellers and a staple in our collection.

I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.
Jimmy Raymond- CEO

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