Matt Francis: My Rise Through Vaping for a Cleaner Healthier Life
May 18, 2017

Matt Francis: My Rise Through Vaping for a Cleaner Healthier Life

Thanks to Matt for sharing his story with us. His journey paints the bold steps in changing a life spiraling towards disease due to the power of addiction. Vaping changed Matt's life. He shares his story with us below. 

So, my journey started August 2014 whilst attending a comic con event in Bournemouth U.K, I saw a local vape shop and decided to test out the theory of vaping being better than smoking. 

My first time in the vape shop wasn't welcoming or helpful, they took my money and didn't really offer any advice or assistance.

So I held in my hand the first e-cigarette I would use to begin my journey, the first vaping tool, the first device I needed to curb my 40 a day cigarette habit. The Aspire CFMAXX with an iSub tank on top. Damn, this device looked amazing, but how uneducated I was... first attempt at setting this up and I coughed like mad... and coughed again... and again, perseverance played a major role for the time being.

Arriving back home after the comic con event I went into town and visited a few other vape shops in my local area, talking and gaining a better insight into this new world I had become a part of.

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Purchasing my next kit was easy as it was a recommendation from the owners of the vape shop, The X-Cube from Smok with a TFV4 tank on top.

Now I felt good, flashing colors along the side and upgrading slowly but surely. The CFMAXX wasn't demoted, this will always remain a tool in my arsenal as this was the vital weapon I used to combat the stink sticks.

Moving forward the next few months and I began to experiment with various new set ups and juices etc.

This then branched out for me to create a twitter account shortly followed by a YouTube account March 2016, Instagram followed and the word Began to spread. The intentions of setting up my channels was to give back to the vaping community, offering advice and support for which I didn't receive when I first started. I hosted giveaways from my own pocket, reviewed products from my own pocket and then started getting approached by companies wanting their products reviewed and promoted. 

Moving forward early 2016 yougotejuice came to play, I received 4 240ml bottles for review. 

Peaches, vanilla custard, lucky cereal and fruity cereal. Then May 2016, I reviewed these to be precise. 

Buy You Got Ejuice

My only description was enjoyable and unforgettable which encouraged me to buy more. The vanilla custard became addictive and still to this day I rely on it to be my ADV.

My channels continue to grow and my support for the community continues to be stronger than ever.

My health as a result of this journey has significantly improved, before I began this journey I was told by the doctor that unless I stopped smoking I was at a severe risk of heart disease and severe heart complications,

Since the stink sticks have disappeared from my life, I feel better. I joined a gym and no longer feel as ill as I did before.

This is my vaping story and vaping saved my life!

- Matt Francis


We encourage you to tell your story contact us today with how you got to where you are in your vaping journey. 

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