The Effects of Vaping Shown to be Significantly less than Tobacco

June 01, 2017

There is a lot of scrutiny being put upon vapors for the freedom of choice. The most prominent are the claim’s being made surrounding supposed health risks. The public's claim also supports the FDA’s lack of research, even if it fringes on being inconclusive pertaining to vaping health risks.  

So how do the benefits of vaping become dismissive? Do they question the credibility of vapers and vape advocates themselves? When countless smoking alternatives have been failed attempts to convert smokers. Yet, these smoking alternatives often are supported with the highest level of corporate advocacy. When vapers claim the positive effects of vaping, the public and FDA become very skeptical. Would it be a surprise to think that some Tobacco lobbyist may have a seat on the Food and Drug Administration? When it’s public knowledge that one side of the coin is supposed to protect lives and the other claims millions of its consumers. While both have worked heavily against vaping and it growing and sustaining an industry that’s profitable.

There are case studies, white papers and scientific research globally and specifically the U.K., claiming that vaping may prove to be 95% less of a health risk than smoking cigarettes. How come the United States Food and Drug Administration has had limited resources to be able to obtain solid results from similar experiments. Untested pharmaceuticals even gain FDA approval and corporate support for commercial advertising. These drugs are often sold publicly, passed with known health risks, high levels of side effects and approved for children in prescribed dosages.

The short article below from Frederic D. Letson speaks more in depth about the foreign research that has been developed on vaping. Feel free to let us know your thoughts and share your experience.


How is it that the Royal College of Physicians in the United Kingdom is publishing 200-page studies proving that electronic cigarettes are 95 percent less harmful than smoking, yet our own Food and Drug Administration here in the United States is enacting strict regulations that will effectively kill the entire industry? Even the state Department of Health is airing public service announcements demonizing electronic cigarettes by citing a study showing that teen use of the devices has doubled since 2014.


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