The Smoker’s Mentality: Why We Need E-Cigarettes

The Smoker’s Mentality: Why We Need E-Cigarettes

May 30, 2017


By: Elena Tahora

It’s sad to note, a product helping people quit smoking and helping them avoid ingesting more than 4000 toxins and carcinogens, has become denigrated at every possible turn by non-smokers and conventional smokers.

Why do we really need e-cigarettes? We’ll have to study the smoker’s mentality, noting how e-cigarettes are helpful tools to cure a never-ending addiction towards harmful chemicals.

Smoking provides an enjoyable activity especially in most our adolescence stages experimenting with new experiences. However, it takes an ugly turn when a beginner becomes critically addicted – smoking 1 to 2 packs every day. All people who smoke heavily are at risk of developing different types of ailments.

However, smokers seem to be less concerned about the graphic images of damaged lungs and the warnings printed on cigarette packs.

What makes it so difficult to stop smoking? Smoking is adventurous, rebellious and promotes a sense of freedom for millions of people worldwide. That’s why if someone warns a smoker to quit or reduce their number of cigarettes; they are least bothered and shrug them off each time.

This is shocking since buying a pack of cigarettes today is never without a warning about the horrendous results that will surface if you continue to smoke for your entire life. Yet, smokers do not give up although they are aware of the countless risks attached to conventional tobacco smoking.

It’s a public display of their freedom and uniqueness. Smokers believe pleasure is more important than their well-being and some can have other addictions such as alcohol or substance abuse.

However, when the pleasure of smoking begins to wane, there is a sense of awakening that starts to take place. A large number of individuals decide to quit after a sudden stroke or other painful medical conditions, such as a lung infection.

Again, a large percentage of smokers shy away from going to a doctor as they are in denial. Taking medications and seeking assistance is less likely to be expected from smokers.

In short, smokers are less likely to stick to any advice offered by their health practitioners or stick to strong suggestions provided by organizations like the CDC. These approaches clearly don’t work when it comes to quitting or cutting down on smoking.

For a smoker, the battle almost always becomes psychological. There are several alternatives offered to help smokers quit for good such as counseling, NRTs (nicotine replacement therapy), quitting cold turkey, etc. However, they have proven to be less effective for eliminating this nasty habit. Therefore many smokers take up smoking again and resume their addition, just after a short while of quitting.

This is where e-cigarettes establish their authority. This is what I've seen throughout my vape journey up to being with Infinite Vapor. E-cigarettes give the best of both worlds to a habitual smoker. It provides smokers their desired amount of nicotine minus the harmful effects of conventional tobacco smoke.

Being a long-time smoker and converted vapor myself, I feel that the best approach in helping people quit smoking involves a combination of counseling, medication and the use of e-cigarettes. This way an individual who finds it hard to give up his addiction will benefit from all possible resources to quit permanently.

People who criticize vapers and claim it to be another addiction; should know that vaping removes the dangerous part of the addiction. The fact that vaping is certainly safer than smoking should be enough for smokers to switch to e-cigarettes. Since smokers can adjust their nicotine level; they can go from high doses to zero nicotine levels over time.

Bearing in mind the mentality of a smoker; it is best to adopt e-cigarettes as a tool to quit a relentless conventional smoking addiction.

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