Adjourned by Boardroom Vapor (Salt Nic)

$ 19.99

Flavor Profile: The Adjourned Nic Salt Juice by Boardroom Vapor is a new twist on the everyday tobacco flavor. Boardroom Vapor has created a wholly unique taste by combining three robust flavors. At first draw, the sweet apple pie taste tickles your taste buds, then follows a crisp hint of moonshine flavor. All this is delicately laid over the top of that familiar Virginia Tobacco musk, creating a perfect combination you'll wish you had thought of yourself!

Size: 30ml $19.99  

Nicotine Strength: 25mg, 50mg



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Disclaimer: Salt Nicotine is not intended for use with high power Sub-Ohm devices. If you are not sure what kind of device you have. Please click the link above to learn more about the right type of devices to be used with this product. Or if you are unsure please contact customer support at 




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