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Age Verification

In compliance with Federal regulations, you must verify that you are of legal age to purchase tobacco products in your state before you can place an order with You Got E-Juice.

We use Veratad, a third-party verification service. This ensures that our customers are of legal age to purchase tobacco products. The information submitted is not stored or shared by You Got E-Juice or Veratad. Once this age verification is completed, you will not be required to re-submit your information on any future orders.

To verify your account, please complete the following form.


You must be logged into your You Got E-Juice account before you can verify your age.

You must enter your full legal name, address, and your correct date of birth, for verification to succeed. Please enter this information as it would appear on your driver's license.

Please check for typos. Any typos in your name or address may result in a failed verification.

Any errors or failure to follow the above instructions can result in failure to verify your age.

Age verification failure may happen even if you fill everything out correctly and are of legal age mandated by your state or federal law. If you fail to pass this automated verification, you will be provided with instructions to complete a manual verification.

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Information Required for Age Verification

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